European Integration and stateless Minorities. The trajectory of Basque Nationalism.

Piccioli, Ilaria (2010) European Integration and stateless Minorities. The trajectory of Basque Nationalism. Tesi di Dottorato, LUISS Guido Carli, Department of Political Science > PhD Program in Political Theory (english language), tutor: Raffaele Marchetti and Sebastiano Maffettone, p. 176. [Doctoral Thesis]

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PART 1: SUBSTATE MOBILIZATION, SUB-STATE NATIONALISM AND EUROPEAN INTEGRATION. The Decline of the Nation-State between Globalization and European Integration. State Transformation in Multi-Level Europe: Sub-State Authorities on the Go. Sub-State Participation and Representation in Europe: The Rise of Paradiplomacy. The Committee of the Regions. The Council of Ministers. European Networks and Associations. Regional Brussels Offices. Lobbying with European Commission and European Parliament. EU Regional Policy and European Territorial Cooperation. We, the Nations. Against Nation-States Resilience: Sub-State Nationalism on the Rise. What risks for Europe. European Stability in Danger? European Values at Stake? European Integration in Stall? European Democracy in Distress? The European Rescue of Sub-state Nationalism. PART 2: EUROPEAN INTEGRATION, MINORITIES AND DEMOCRACY. The Democratic Deficit in the EU and a Focus on Representation and Participation. Causes and Foundations of the Democratic Deficit. Representation and Participation of European Citizens in the EU. Accommodation of Minorities in the EU : The Rise of the Issues of EU Minorities. Minorities in the EU: a Challenge or an Incentive for Democratization? Risks and Benefits of European Democracy Uncompleted Democracies. European Democracy and the Challenges Ahead. PART 3. - BASQUE NATIONALISM AND EUROPEAN INTEGRATION. An Historical Sketch: Birth and Origins of Basque Nationalism. The ideological evolution of Basque Nationalism. After Sabino Arana’s Death Under the Dictatorship. An Ideological Rupture? The Birth of E.T.A. During the Transition and Democracy. The Idea of Europe in Basque Nationalism. Early Nationalism. Under the dictatorship. The European Politics of Contemporary Basque Nationalism. The Strange Case of the Ibarretxe Plan. The Europeanization of Basque Nationalism.


Bibliographic References: pp. 164-176.

Item Type: Doctoral Thesis (PhD)
Research documents and activity classification: LUISS PhD Thesis
Divisions: Department of Political Science > PhD Program in Political Theory (english language)
Thesis Advisor: Marchetti, Raffaele and Maffettone, Sebastiano
Additional Information: Dottorato di ricerca in Teoria politica (XXI ciclo), LUISS Guido Carli, Roma, 2010. Relatori: Prof. Raffaele Marchetti, Prof. Sebastiano Maffettone.
Uncontrolled Keywords: Stateless Minorities.
MIUR Scientific Area: Area 14 - Political and Social Sciences > SPS/01 Political Philosophy
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