A story of professionalization? The case of project management discipline in Italy

Sabini, Luca (2013) A story of professionalization? The case of project management discipline in Italy. In: Empowering society through digital innovations: Proceedings of the X Conference of the Italian Chapter of AIS: ItAIS, the Italian association for information systems, December 14th, 2013, Università commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Milano.

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The objective of this work is the study of project management (PM) as one of those new occupations involved in professionalization process. Focusing on Italian field I consider the actors involved in this particular scenario and the strategies they adopt. The analysis of this professional path, considering how the concept of professionalization is changing helps in considering that there is a shift towards a new organization of professions which are not necessarily organized as in the classical way, but become structured through new paradigms. The conclusion of this work even if based on a preliminary analysis (mainly from document analysis and interviews with main actors involved in the process) shows that the multitude of viewpoints makes the understanding of this process very complex. This research is conducted as an explorative study driven by the analysis of institutionalization of this particular field.


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