The Contributions of Alessandro D’Atri to Organization and Information Systems Studies

Spagnoletti, Paolo and Baskerville, Richard and De Marco, Marco (2013) The Contributions of Alessandro D’Atri to Organization and Information Systems Studies. In: Baskerville, Richard, De Marco, Marco, Spagnoletti, Paolo (ed.) Designing organizational systems: an interdisciplinary discourse. Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation (1). Springer, Berlin , Heidelberg, p. 1-18. ISBN 978-3-642-33370-5.

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LUISS Guido Carli, Georgia State University, Guglielmo Marconi University

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This book is dedicated to the memory of Professor Alessandro (Sandro) D'Atri, who passed away in April 2011. Professor D'Atri started his career as a brilliant scholar interested in theoretical computer science, databases and, more generally information processing systems. He journeyed far in various applications, such as human-computer interaction, human factors, ultimately arriving at business information systems and business organisation after more than 20 years of researc hbased on "problem solving". Professor D'Atri pursued the development of an interdisciplinary culture in which social sciences, systems design and human sciences are mutually integrated. Rather than retrospection, this book is aimed to advance in these directions and to stimulate a debate about the potential of design research in the field of information systems and organisation studies with an interdisciplinary approach. Each chapter has been selected by the Editorial Board following a double blind peer review process. The general criteria of privileging the variety of topics and the design science orientation and/or empirical works in which a design research approach is adopted to solve various field problems in the management area. In addition several chapters contribute to the meta-discourse on design science research.


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