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Sabini, Luca and Spagnoletti, Paolo (2014) Digital artifacts development and evolution: who has the control/supremacy? A story of UNIX developmental trajectories read from institutional theory perspective. In: Organising for growth: theories and practices: Workshop di Organizzazione Aziendale, 27-28 March 2014, Udine.

Spagnoletti, Paolo (2014) Organisation designing though the practice of multi-method research in information systems. In: Organising for growth: theories and practices: Workshop di Organizzazione Aziendale, 27-28 March 2014, Udine.

Spagnoletti, Paolo and Za, Stefano and North-Samardzic, Andrea (2013) Fostering informal learning at the workplace through digital platforms and information infrastructures. In: Information systems: transforming the future: 24th Australasian conference on information systems, 4-6 December 2013, Melbourne, Australia.

Spagnoletti, Paolo and Resca, Andrea (2012) A Design Theory for IT supporting Online Communities. In: 2012 45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 4-7 January 2012, Grand Wailea, Maui, Hawaii, USA.

Sabini, Luca and Za, Stefano and Spagnoletti, Paolo (2012) Organizations are going to the Cloud: which competences for the IT Manager? In: IADIS, 10-12 Mar 2012, Berlin.

Za, Stefano and D'Atri, Edoardo and Mazzei, Filippo and Braccini, Alessio Maria (2011) Multimedia Contents Provision Using Bluetooth for Cultural Heritage Applications: the MID-Blue Project. In: Fourth Interop-Vlab.It Workshop on Pervasive Computing for Networked Enterprises, October 6-7, 2011, Rome, Italy.

Spagnoletti, Paolo and Albano, Valentina and Caccetta, Attilio and Tarquini, Rocco and D'Atri, Alessandro (2011) Supporting Policy Definition in the e-Health domain: a QCA based method. In: HEALTHINF 2011 - International Conference on Health Informatics, 26-29 January 2011, Roma.

Braccini, Alessio Maria and D'Atri, Alessandro and Marturano, Antonio (2010) Digital Natives in a Knowledge Economy: will a new kind of Leadership Emerge? In: Proceedings of the 9th Wuhan International Conference on e-Business (WHICEB 2010).

Braccini, Alessio Maria and Za, Stefano and D'Atri, Alessandro (2010) A Model Proposal for the Investigation of End Users' Satisfaction on the Usage of an E-Learning Platform. In: Proceedings of 9th IASTED International Conference Web-Based Education (WBE 2010), March 15-17, Sharm El Sheikh.

Braccini, Alessio Maria and Federici, Tommaso (2010) Technology and Organization: a Case of Mutual Adaptation in the Arhcaeological Sector. In: Proceedings of ALPIS 2010.

D'Atri, Alessandro and Spagnoletti, Paolo and Banzato , Alessandro and Bonelli, Cristian and D'Atri, Edoardo and Traversi, Valeria and Zenobi, Paolo (2009) From Supply Chains to Supply Networks: the Beer Game evolution. In: 13th IFAC Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing, 3-5 June 2009, Moscow, Russia.

Braccini, Alessio Maria (2009) How is IT Contributing to Value Generating Activities? A Proposal of an Ontology Based Approach. In: Proceedings of the European Students Workshop on Information Systems.

Braccini, Alessio Maria and Federici, Tommaso (2009) Knowledge Sharing in a Cultural Heritage Context: an Exploratory Study. In: Proceedings of ALPIS 2009.

Borri, Nicola and Verdelhan, Adrien (2009) Sovereign Risk Premia. In: 70th Annual meeting of the American Finance Association, January 3-5, 2010, Atlanta, GA. (Submitted)

Braccini, Alessio Maria and Silvestri, Cecilia and D'Atri, Alessandro and Za, Stefano (2009) Users' Perception of the Quality of Open Source e-learning Platforms: the case of Moodle. In: Proceedings of VIII IASTED International Conference on Web-based Education.

Braccini, Alessio Maria and D'Atri, Alessandro and Spagnoletti, Paolo (2008) Analysing Business Models for Cross Border E-Services Provided by the Chambers of Commerce. In: Proceedings of 16th European Conference on Information Systems, June 9-11, Galway.

Braccini, Alessio Maria (2008) Analysing Business Models for the Open Source Industry: a Research Proposal. In: Proceedings of the IIWIS - Irish Italian Workshop on Information Systems.

Braccini, Alessio Maria (2008) Business Model Definition Methodologies for Telecommunication Services. In: In Proceedings of 19th European Regional ITS Conference.

D'Atri, Alessandro and De Nicola, Antonio and Missikoff, Oleg (2008) A Business Ontology for supporting cross border cooperation between European Chambers of Commerce. In: EMCIS 2008, 25-26 Maggio 2008, Dubai.

Braccini, Alessio Maria and Spagnoletti, Paolo (2008) Developing a Business Model for Cross-Border E-Services: the LD-CAST project. In: Proceedings of 6th Eastern European e-Government Days.

D'Atri, Alessandro and Braccini, Alessio Maria (2008) IL Business model come punto di contatto tra tecnologia e organizzazione. In: L'organizzazione fa la differenza? IX Workshop dei docenti e dei ricercatori di organizzazione aziendale, 7-8 Febbraio 2008, Università Ca' Foscari, Venezia.

Braccini, Alessio Maria and Federici, Tommaso (2008) Knowledge Sharing in a Cultural Heritage Context: an Exploratory Study. In: Proceedings of the 3rd Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems.

Fiori, Giovanni and Tiscini, Riccardo and Di Donato, Francesca (2007) Bank-firm relationship changes and earnings quality. An analysis on Italian small-medium sized companies. In: European Accounting Association (EAA), 30th Annual Congress, Lisbona, Aprile 2007. (Unpublished)

Fiori, Giovanni and Di Donato, Francesca and Izzo, Maria Federica (2007) Corporate Social Responsibility and Firms Performance: an Analysis on Italian Listed Companies. In: 4th Conference on performance measurement and management control, 26-28 Settembre 2007, Nizza. (Unpublished)

Fiori, Giovanni and Tiscini, Riccardo and Di Donato, Francesca (2007) The impact of family control on investors’ risk and performance of Italian listed companies. In: APIRA 2007 – Fifth Asia Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting Conference, 8-10 Luglio 2007, Auckland. (Unpublished)

Casalino, Nunzio and D'Atri, Alessandro and Manev, Ludmil (2007) A quality management training system on ISO standards for enhancing competitivenessof SMEs. In: 9th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS 2007), 12-16 June 2007, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.

Palermo, Luciano (2006) La rendita immobiliare urbana nella Roma rinascimentale: il caso di S. Maria dell’Anima. In: Santa Maria dell'Anima. Zur Geschichte einer "deutschen" Stiftung in Rom, 29-30 maggio 2006, Roma, Pontificio Istituto di Santa Maria dell'Anima. (Unpublished)

Ballardini, Federico and Malipiero, Alessandro and Oriani, Raffaele and Sobrero, Maurizio and Zammit, Alessandra (2005) Do Stock Markets Value Innovation? A Meta-analysis. In: A New Vision of Management in the 21st Century, 5-10 agosto 2010, Honolulu, Hawaii. (Unpublished)

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